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Dame Kelly Holmes golf day 2012

One of our first jobs as a company was to work with the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).  We provided media training for young players, and then were proud to go on and develop a number of other training programmes. 

So I was delighted to bump into the current PFA chairman at Dame Kelly Holmes’ charity golf day. 

I didn’t get to find out how good a golfer Clarke Carlisle is, but as a representative of his profession and the PFA he conducted himself superbly.  Articulate, interesting and attentive.  He even seemed interested in me – which, given that I spent far too long talking about Richard Jobson, was quite an achievement.

Golf Day

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7 ways your company can use video

Video is a powerful tool. It is also cheaper than you might think to produce impressive content. Most of the ideas below could be produced quickly and easily and strengthen your brand communications:

1. To enhance websites

Video lifts text and static pages. A short 60 second to three minute video can convey a lively and dynamic overview of your brand more easily than pages of text.

We have a quick, energetic showreel (see video below) designed to encourage people to find out more and increase awareness of what we do.

2. To enhance pitches and presentations

We’ve all sat through dull PowerPoint based presentations. Video can enhance your delivery and capture the attention of an audience.

Keep videos short, around one to two minutes maximum. Make sure you check in advance that they will work on the day.

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Gearing up for take off

This year’s official 2012 Waddington Airshow DVD will once again be produced
by The Media Group.

Life at The Media Group can be glamorous at times. Don’t get us wrong - there are lots of long days, and even longer nights. But every now and again we get to experience some amazing moments. 

Whether it’s meeting HRH Prince William whilst putting on a glitzy ceremony for The Football Association’s Respect awards or working with Olympic gold medalist, Dame Kelly Holmes, on a promotional film for her charity, sometimes we wonder if this is actually work. 

This is especially true when it comes to the Waddington Airshow. The Airshow is the largest military Airshow in the UK with around 170,000 visitors over two days in Lincolnshire. This will be the fourth year that TMG has produced the official DVD. Our role basically involves rushing round the air base interviewing pilots or filming inside many of the wonderful aircraft that fly into Waddington over the weekend. Here’s a clip from last year’s DVD. 

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